Hakuna Matata Safaris will guide you with options

Lions In Akagera Rwanda

Lions In Akagera Rwanda

How is it when you’re going on vacation? What about the options you want to choose from? What when you decide to take a privilege time to let yourself relax and  enjoy the nature ?What when you decide to visit the blessed part of Africa? Is  It easy when you say I want to discover the beauty that Africa can offer? What is the answer when you ask how long will it take to let me be satisfied by seeing what I searched for so long? When  you raise from your every day grind and take a time of rest ,choose the most beautiful part of Africa is  its central-East part . Discover its content you will be surprised ,let Hakuna Matata safaris take you there ,let it introduce to you  the hidden parts .There  tours that endure  seven days and others that continue all the way up to 15 days. That is all about how much you really want to experience this region.

There is seven days Rwanda tours you can enjoy through Hakuna Matata safaris. Some  highlights of this amazing tour contains gorillas, chimpanzee, and monkey tracking,handcrafts,Ibirunga mountains ,  the overall culture,historical museums of the people and entertainments by Intore dancers. Although it is one of the shorter tours, you will leave more than satisfied.

Other option you can consider  is the 15 days Rwanda Tanzania tour. With this tour, you will track gorillas, game drive in Ngorongoro and Tarangire

Nyiragongo Volcano. You will most probably never again get to be so close to hot red lava which is a unique and exciting  experience.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the people of this region. you can’t learn from African culture without interacting and talking with local people. There is no other better way to  watch what the region is all about more better than  seeing their way of life.

Do you  really want to experience what central and East African region can offer ?you are recommended to embark for a 14 days tour.this is the ultimate tour to let you embark in each country of the great lakes region. Besides that this will permit you to see more than 5 lakes, three considerable waterfalls, and a series of museums.

As you see,  Hakuna Matata Safaris has many options to give you in order to let you discover what you really wanted . Its our duty to  make you sure you get the most of what you expected out as experience with the East and Central African Tours.

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